It is possible to enjoy the finest traditions of a Single Malt at any age. With Speymhor one can appreciate the dedication and craftsmanship that has been handed down from generation-to-generation in pursuit of perfection.

You’ll find a sumptuous dram of Speymhor Single Malt rewards those who’ve a taste for the finest quality drams. Any one of the Speymhor collection will bring pleasure and satisfaction to each and every connoisseur of Single Malt Scotch Whisky.

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Speymhor Single Malt Whisky


Born in the foothills of Perthshire, the gateway to the Highlands, and matured in carefully selected fresh American Oak barrels. This Single Malt has a delightfully gentle, floral character with notes of Barley. A singularly perfect introduction..


12 Year Old Single Malt Whisky


From our favourite little distillery close the the banks of the Spey. This true quality 12 year-old Single Malt is matured in hogsheads – casks that are a tad larger than your average barrel.
It’s gentle, warming and very, very satisfying – as an excellent Speyside malt should be.
For anyone who loves fine Single Malts, this offers the perfect reward at the end of a successful day.


15 Year Old Single Malt Whisky


Being distilled in the shadow of the British Isles highest mountain, gives this Single Malt the backbone and strength of a classic Highlander. A dry, citrus character with a hint of peat on the nose and palate – smooth to the taste, this offers much warmth and pleasure.


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21 Year Old Single Malt Whisky


A wonderful example of the magical qualities of Speyside Malts. This 21 Year Old Speymhor Single Malt captures the unrivalled characteristics that only this region’s fresh clean mountain air and streams can offer. As you’d expect it’s been carefully aged in former bourbon casks to aid its development. The nose is heavy, with traces of sweet toffee then autumnal fruits. The taste, a fruity melange that finishes with ripe plums and a suggestion of oak. There’s even a hint of a fine old Cuban cigar in the finish, for good measure. Need we say more?


30 Year Old Blended Malt Whisky


Capturing all that’s amazing and magical about the finest distilleries of Speyside, this Blended Malt has finesse with a hint of added surprise in every sip. The 30 Year Old Speymhor has the expected Speyside characteristics of smooth, velvety caramel tones - but with an unexpected wisp of smokiness from West Coast peat. Just the dram for those who appreciate life’s little surprises.


40 Year Old Blended Malt Whisky


Everything you desire in one glass. The perfect harmony of single malts aged together in the finest Sherry barrels. Furthermore, as a premium whisky, it comes straight from the cask - allowing the true characteristics of the 40 year old malts to be expressed to perfection. So you’ll enjoy a whisky of unprecedented smoothness that releases its warm and rewarding character, without the need for even the smallest drop of pure spring water. Be prepared, one dram may not be enough once the first sip has passed your lips.